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Key Evidence-Based

benefits of lion’s mane mushroom

Powerful and natural nootropic effects, shown to enhance cognition, recognition, memory and significantly increases mental clarity.

Maintains the function and regeneration of neurons, protecting the brain from memory loss, degenerative disease and reduces levels of harmful plaque in the brain.

Regenerates cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for processing emotional responses, improving it’s health and function.

Promotes nerve cell repair and regeneration, repairing and protecting the nervous system from the effects of stress, damage and disease.

Increases activity in the intestinal immune system and encourages the growth and regulation of healthy gut bacteria, stimulating the production of disease-fighting cells.

Improves fat metabolism, lowers triglyceride levels and has an anti-clotting effect on the blood reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

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Using the latest scientific research and best raw ingredients, our formulas are carefully curated.

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100% vegan and made without nuts, fish, milk, lactose, soya, gluten or wheat.

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We don’t put anything unnecessary into our products, just 100% active ingredients.

third party lab certification

frequently asked questions

What is lion’s mane mushroom?

Lion’s mane mushroom and it’s potent medicinal benefits have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Once reserved only for Royalty, it is the only mushroom that has been clinically proven to promote brain health by supporting the release of nerve growth factor (NGF).

Why alcohol extraction?

The latest research points to Erinacines being the bioactive compounds responsible for the effect on NGF production with Hericenones believed to play a supportive role. Neither are soluble in water, therefore a true NGF optimised extract must be extracted with alcohol.

Why full spectrum?

The mushroom itself is made of two parts, the mycelium and the fruit body. Erinacines are found in the mycelium and Hericenones in the fruit body. This is why ours is one of the very few full-spectrum extracts available on the market. This ensures the correct profile, highest bioactivities and the naturally occurring 10:1 ratio.

What does it do for my brain?

NGF has been shown to be critical in the production, formation and maintenance of neurons. Leading to greater levels of neuroplasticity as well as positive effects on mood, memory and overall cognition. Whereas low levels of NGF have been associated with general cognitive decline. It’s neuroprotective properties have been shown to protect the brain from the build-up of amyloid beta plaque that is detrimental to healthy cognition.

What about the nervous system?

Along with its beneficial effects on the central nervous system, It is believed that the healing and regenerating power of lion’s mane can also affect the peripheral nervous system, especially with the help of what’s known as the ‘niacin protocol’ where ‘flush’ niacin or nicotinic acid is taken to produce a flush effect in order to proliferate the active compounds.

What does 23:1 mean?

23:1 means 23 grams of premium dried lion’s mane mushroom has been extracted to produce 1 gram of our extract. Which means that one of our 500mg capsules has the equivalent of 11.5 grams of premium dried mushroom.

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