About Us

Here at Heka Nutrition, we’re dedicated to sourcing the highest quality raw ingredients from nature and making sure that it reaches our patrons with all it’s natural goodness intact, without adding anything harmful or unnecessary and with as little damage to the ecosystem as possible, that’s it. 

About our Lion’s Mane

Our flagship NGF optimised Lion’s Mane was developed based on the numerous scientific studies that show the potential of this miraculous mushroom to have a beneficial effect on the health of the most important systems of the body. By applying the lessons learned from these studies we created the most potent, true NGF optimised extract on the market, backed by specialist third party lab certification. Because we believe in providing a product that’s safe, effective, and delivers the best results, we decided to offer this game-changing extract in small, easy to swallow vegan capsules with no fillers or preservatives, oh, and our packaging is 99% plastic-free so it’s kind to our planet so it can continue giving us this mushroom and everything else.

There are increasing concerns relating to disease of the ageing nervous system.

Today, we are faced with a higher risk of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and stroke; unfortunately, a cure has not yet been discovered. What we need to focus on is prevention strategies, which is where Lion’s Mane comes in. 

The Erinacine compounds in Lion’s Mane offer a scientifically-backed strategy for enhancing NGF, which has been proven critical for reducing amyloid-beta deposition; a trademark of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, Erinacines enhance insulin sensitivity in the brain and reduce nerve-associated pain .3.

Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) is an edible mushroom that has been found to possess extensive medicinal properties.

Research into this medicinal mushroom, which has a white and fluffy, mane-like appearance, shows it acts on many important organ systems. 

It has highly active compounds that have been shown to have a positive effect on four main parts of the body: the digestive system, heart and circulatory system, the immune system and the brain and nervous system. 

The effects it has on the brain and nervous system are of particular interest; by stimulating an essential neuropeptide in the brain called nerve growth factor (NGF) Lion’s Mane regulates growth and development, as well as coordinates the functions of brain and nerve cells.1.2 

These mechanisms are known respectively as neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

Forget inferior or sometimes completely inactive Lion’s Mane products.

We can have confidence in our product, and it’s efficacy by selecting the highest quality ingredients. Refusing to compromise by adding unnecessary fillers or popular, yet medicinally inferior parts of the mushroom that make the product appear better, but really add nothing of value.

When we say this is pure and effective Lion’s Mane at its best, we mean it!

What’s different about our product compared to the dozens of others you’ll find out there?

For one, we declare the ratios and percentages of the two active ingredients and have third party test certification to prove it. 

Secondly, our Lion’s Mane delivers the naturally occurring 10:1 ratio of the most active, Erinacines and Hericenones, which as you’ll now know, are responsible for enhancing NGF and all of its brain and nerve-boosting properties. In fact, our extract has the highest levels of Erinacines available on the market!

There are also plenty of health benefits to take advantage of if you don’t have a neurodegenerative disease.

Lion’s Mane may reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce the recovery time of brain injuries, even sharpen your brain and help you to beat fatigue .4. 

Supplying powerful yet completely natural nootropic support for our increasingly demanding lifestyles.

Fortunately, scientific evidence not only supports the myriad of health benefits from supplemental intake but that even at very high doses, research shows no adverse effects5. of course, unless you are allergic to mushrooms, that is!


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